Vow of Honor additional comment

Eep! I left out something significant! Vow of Honor does give some pages to playing non-Arbiter characters. Instead of Honor Dice and the Tenet of Honor, these characters have Motivation Dice and your pick of ten Motivations: Acceptance, Curiosity, Family, Independence, Order, Power, Love, Socialization, Safety, and Vengeance. Each provides a special maneuver. In the case of Curiosity, for instance, you can spend Motivation Dice “to discover something interesting, dangerous, or pertinent to your current objectives.”

Your character earns an impediment mark when there’s a serious obstacle to their ability to act on their motivations, and a bolstered mark when they get to act in a way that fulfills a motivation. Where Arbiters accumulate checks in their exercise of the Tenets of Honor to advance, non-Arbiters accumulate impediment and bolstered marks—any combination of ten total in their two motivations enables an advance.

Skills, talents, and the rest of the system work the same way.

Vow of Honor additional comment

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