What this blog is for

I read roleplaying games, and play them when I can, and I talk up the things that are interesting me at any particular moment. It makes me happy to call attention to neat work that my friends and readers may not otherwise hear about, and to offer them a fresh angle on something they may not have thought about in the ways I did.

Over the years, my review-ish posts have appeared in a bunch of forums, social media sites, etc. This blog will, I hope, be a sort of central repository. I'll try writing new reviews here first for copying elsewhere, and go through my backlog hither and yon to copy over old posts here as well.

Experience tells me that some reviews will be quite long, some quite short. Whatever seems to fit the piece at hand and my thoughts about it, I figure; the closest thing I have to a format is just a desire to capture the thoughts that make me think “Wow! Wanna share that!”

The other thing you'll see here is me experimenting with the presentation, doing things like making use of photos of mine I'm proud of (as in this post), working through theme options, and so on. You've been warned. 🙂

What this blog is for

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